A lot of businessmen are attracted to set up their businesses in UAE because of its commercial advantages. However, before setting up a business in UAE, one must go through a long process of bureaucratic and legal procedures. Document Clearance merely means obtaining the authorized documents required to start up a business. Documents vary from one company type to another, as it depends on the number of appointed employees, nationalities of employees and many more documents.

Documents clearance can be very challenging and confusing as there constant fluctuations in the business laws and the currency. Therefore, having an agency to help you with the process is the most productive way to reduce cost and time.

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Sam Global Services offers its document services to individuals to guarantee them the receipt of approvals and attestations they need in their businesses. We have a specialized team for writing and creating different types of contracts whether they are supplier or client ones. All our contracts are written under the international and UAE law to protect you and your business. Sam Global Services understands the sensitivity and complexities of contract law and offers non-disclosure agreements for all of our DCS clients.

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