There are three types of visas that are permitted in UAE; employment visa, investor's visa and partner's visas. In order to acquire any of the mentioned visas there is a long process of paper work and a lot of regulations. At Sam Global Services, we make sure that we facilitate this process and that we save you the hassle. Moreover, our team is always up to date with the new visa regulation in order to inform our clients with any changes and make sure that they are aware of any new requirements to maintain a tranquil business flow.

and Partner

UAE Investor Visa can be acquired by both business partners in the free trade zone and partners in limited liability companies. UAE Investor Visa provides temporary residence, for three years, to its holder. Investor Visa gives its holder the authority to live, work and starts their own business in the UAE.


Employment visa is an entry document that is required for any person who will enter the UAE. It is issued by the Immigration Department for foreign nationals who are willing to work in the UAE. Once issued, the Employment Visa allows its holder to enter the UAE and is valid for 2 months.

To issue an Employment Visa, a lot of documents are requires, such as passport copy, attested education certificate, etc. Therefore, Sam Global Services helps facilitate this process an ensure that all the right documents are submitted in order to receive the employment visa for our clients employees.


Sam Global Services can assist UAE residents in getting Business visas to different countries. If your employees are permanently travelling to different countries for business matters we would be delighted to assist with all the paperwork required to get Schengen visa, UK visa, USA visa or GCC visit visa. We would be happy to take care of the application forms, insurance and schedule the appointment.

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